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Signal Conditioner

Signal Conditioner

Power Supply  :AC85~264V,47-63HZ Input Signal  :DC4~20mA(Input resistance:250Ω)
Current limit:DC 24mA
Power Supply for Sensor :DC24V(DC 20~28V)
Analog Output   :DC4~20mA×1
Replay Output  :4-SPDT Relay output
            ・Transducer failure×1
            ・Sensor failure×1 Rating:AC250V 5A/DC30V 5A
Display      :LCD Digital display
            (Scale range:-99999~+99999)
           :LED Display
           Fault(Red)×1,Sensor failure(Red)×1

Can be paired & used for 2 line transmitting devices or output devices.
Outputs instrumentation signal 4-20mA or DC1-5V and contact signal for an input current signal.
LCD digital display is included, so level indication can also be monitored at the local control panel.

・Equipped with a false alarm output as a standard feature, abnormalities of the sensor can be
detected quickly.
・Two contact outputs are equipped as a standard feature, so there is no need to prepare additional transducer.
・Analog output is equipped with current output and voltage output as a standard feature.


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