Measurement of powder level
Measurement range: Up to 120m (distance from reference point)
Transmitting Frequency: 77GHz ~ 81GHz

80GHz Radar Level Transmitter (MWLM-FM79 series) is Matsushima's 3rd generation radio wave level transmitter by 80GHz frequency band that adopts FM-CW method.
The high frequency transmitter series (MWLM-FM79) are improved from the conventional model (MWLM-PR26 series). In addition, it is designed to focus on easy to use for the various fields customers, which is based on on-site experience and achievements.


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Operation principle

In the FM-CW method, the sensor transmits a high frequency radar signal while modulating the frequency at a constant cycle.

When it is reflected and received by the target,  the frequency deviation from the transmitted signal is converted into round-trip time and measured as distance.

1.   Transmit modulation frequency f0 from antenna

2.   Receive f0 reflected by the target with antenna.  At this time, f0 is received at the timing of t1.

3.   When f0 is received, the frequency is f1 shifted by Δt, which means that it was received with a shift of△ f.

4.   This frequency difference △f can be converted to the propagation time  t  by correlating with Δt. 5.   Calculate the distance  D  by operating the propagation speed of the radio wave with this propagation time  t .


User-friendly functions in the field


Easily confirmed by mobile



Easily confirmed by mobile or PC by bluetooth connection.

No wiring required for adjustment.

Can be operated from safe location even in difficult-to-reach sites.


Easily angle adjustment after maintenance

Only Matsushima unique function!



Angle/Dimension sensor system
After taking out the sensor for maintenance, it is easy to restore the sensor.


Notification of adhesion alarm and inspection data

Acquired patent



The adhesion alarm and inspection date are notified by making the beating signal of 4-20mA output, which avoids unstable measurement.


Adhesion prevention with 360° purge mechanism



360° slit for purge contacting with the lens surface prevents adhesion to the lens surface





Measurable in narrow space



Measurable in narrow space inside silo to its high directivity.


Measurable for low dielectric constant materials



Measurable for low dielectric constant materials which does not make enough reflection for former Radar Transmitter


Measurable for high temperature materials



A radio wave is not affected by temperature or gas. Because the max. temperature is 200 deg. C, it can be applied even in the inaccessible environment.


Measurable at small liquid tank



Because the dead zone is 0.3m from the reference point, it can measure up to upper limit of the tank.


The reason for the world's highest standard


We built a new laboratory facility, so called "Wave Lab", an inspection facility that guarantees the world's highest level performance of 80GHz RADAR LEVEL TRANSMITTER.



We have newly built a large-scale automatic inspection facility "Wave Lab" with a simple anechoic chamber structure.

As an anechoic chamber that is not affected by disturbance reflection, it boasts a length of 20m, which is one of the largest in Japan.

From here, we offer the world's highest level of performance.




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