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Level Meter Model Selection Guide

There are various models of Level Meters. You need to consider thousands of factors to make selection among them. Each Level Meter have advantages and disadvantages, and there are no perfect Level Meter that can measure anything.
This Level Meter Model Selection Guide makes model selection simple.

-How to use-

12 types of Level Meters are on this Selection Guide.
The criterion for the model selection is sub-divided into 3 categories, form of the measuring material, characteristic of measuring material, and measuring environment. Those criterions are supposed to be compared with your actual application. Then, you will find the suitable type of Level Meter for your case.

〇 (Applicable)/△ (May be applicable)/✕ (Not applicable)




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Our CONTINUOUS LEVEL MEASUREMENT instruments are applicable for variety of applications to monitor the material level (Solid/Liquid) stored in silo, hopper, tank and so on.
We will offer the most suitable solution for your application.



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