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Matsushima Measure Tech Co., Ltd.

Head Sales office/Factory1-8-18, Norimatu-Higashi, Yahatanishi-ku,
Kitakyushu, 807-0837, Japan
Tokyo officeHomest Funabashi Bldg., 3-36-28, Honchou,
Funabashi City, Chiba, 273-0005, Japan
Nagoya officeTokiwasotodoi Bldg., 9-14 sotodoicho, Atsuta-ku,
Nagoya, 456-0013, Japan
Osaka officeDaihatsu Bldg., 2-2-40, Katamachi, Miyakojima,
Osaka City, Osaka, 534-0025, Japan
Seoul Liaison Office (Korea)220,2F Hyundai Knowledge Industry Center, 70, Dusan-ro,
Geumcheon-gu,Seoul, Republic of Korea 08584
CapitalJPY 35,000,000.-
PresidentNoritoshi Ikeda
ProductsBulk solid and liquid level measurement, Belt conveyor protective device, Electric actuators, Control devices


1946/Jan.Founded as a machinery designing office.
1947/Aug.Developed an automatic sizing machine and got 70% share in Japanese
coal mining industry.
1949/MayEstablished Matsushima Machinery Laboratory Private Company.
Capital JPY500,000.-
1951/Jan.Developed MOTO-DRIVE and started the sales of actuator.
1951/Aug.Developed SPEED RELAY and started the sales of conveyor protective devices.
1954/Mar.Developed SOUNDING LEVEL METER and started the sales of level measurement instruments.
1963/Apr.Reorganized to Matsushima Machinery Laboratory Co., Ltd.
1963/Dec.Established a Tokyo sales office.
and established a range of BF devices.
1967/Dec.Moved head office and factory to current Norimatsu area in Kitakyushu city.
1972/Jul.Completed DAMPER ACTUATOR series.
1975/Mar.Developed 2-SHAFT LEAKLESS DAMPER and established a range of damper relating devices.
1979/Apr.Developed world's first MECHANICAL PROFILEMETER to monitor the burden profile in blast furnace.
1982/Nov.Established a Taiwan representative office.
1982/Dec.Established a Seoul representative office.
1983/MayIncreased the capital in JPY35,000,000.-
1984/MayEstablished an Osaka sales office.
1984/Dec.Started the sales of ULTRASONIC LEVEL METER and established the
range of electronic level measurement instruments.
1986/Dec.Started the production and sales of FM-CW TYPE MICROWAVE LEVEL METER and MICROWAVE PROFILE METER.
1989/Sep.Received a first order for complete MICROWAVE PROFILE METER including lance traveling system.
1995/Dec.Build a new office building.
1996/Apr.Mr. Hiroshi Matsushima acceded to chairman.
Mr. Tohru Matsushima acceded to president.
2000/Sep.Concluded a sales representative agreement with DR. FOEDISCH Umweltmesstechnik GmbH for the sales of PARTICLE FLOW METER in Japanese market.
2001/Jul.Concluded a sales representative agreement with AMERICAN SENSORS CORP. for the sales of LASER SENSORS in Japanese market.
2002/MayCertified for ISO9001. (year 2000 version)
2003/JulEstablished an affiliated company SHANGHAI DAHONG MATSUSHIMA MACHINERY CO., LTD. in Shanghai, China
2003/Nov.Started to produce and market MICROWAVE BARRIER SWITCH and MICROWAVE FLOW SWITCH.
2004/Jul.Started to produce small robots for Yaskawa Electric Corporation.
2004/Oct.Started production and marketing of new domestic model DUST MONITOR.
2005/Jun.Established Nagoya Sales Office.
2005/Oct.Started production and marketing of ULTRASONIC LEVEL METER developed in-house. Started production and marketing of new nine-range-switchable model DUST MONITOR.
2006/Apr.Selected as one of the “300 of Japan’s Exciting Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Small to Medium-sized Enterprises” by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2007/Oct.Started production and marketing of PULSE RADAR TYPE MICROWAVELEVEL METER.
2008/Sep.Started production and marketing of MICROWAVE FLOW MONITOR.
2009/JulAccredited as ”KITAKYUSHU ONLY ONE COMPANY 2009”.
2010/Sep.Started production and marketing of DUST SWITCH.
2010/Oct.Started production and marketing of Wire-rope type Emergency Stop switch ”PULLSTOP”.
2011/MayStarted to produce and market SPEED SWITCH ”RevMonitor”
2011/SepEstablished Pohang Representative Office in Korea
2012/JanStarted to produce and market 26GHz PULSE RADAR TYPE MICROWAVE LEVEL METER
2012/FebEstablished Bankok Representative office in Thailand
2012/SepEstablished Chicago Representative office in USA
2014/Apr.Changed company name to Matsushima Measure Tech Co., Ltd.